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Lolotte: The Rising Star of Cameroonian Music

Lolotte, the young singer from Cameroon, is making waves with her latest track, “Not Like That”, which tackles romantic relationships in a bold and impudent manner. With this song, she breaks away from clichés, departing from the classic narrative of a woman hopelessly in love with a heartless man.

Passionate about Afrobeat and French variety music, Lolotte aims to spread her joy of living and positive energy across the globe. This ambition is clearly reflected in her musical style, skillfully blending the invigorating rhythms of Afrobeat with the melodic nuances of French variety.

For “Not Like That”, Lolotte collaborated with one of France’s top beatmakers, Mr. Pina Pina, known for his work with renowned artists such as AYA NAKAMURA and LACRIM. This collaboration has given a special touch to the track, endowing it with a modern and captivating sound.

The artistic direction of the project was entrusted to LALCKO, a magician in his field, who perfectly transposed the essence of the song into a dynamic and appealing visual. The result was swift: “Not Like That” quickly captivated the African and French media, becoming a staple on channels such as DBMTV, Trace Afrique, Bblack Afrique, Trace MBOA in Africa, and even on GÉNÉRATION radio in France.

The unique voice of Lolotte and her refreshing approach to music have also allowed “Not Like That” to break through on the French channel Cstar, making her one of the few African artists to be featured there. Her ability to blend genres and create songs that resonate with a wide audience confirms that Lolotte is an artist to watch closely on the international music scene.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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