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Stavo unveils “Stavoir”!

One year after the release of “TVX”, the aptly named Stavo unveils the first part of his double album titled “Once Upon a Time”. The second part, “Avoiding Misery”, was revealed a month ago. The concept of Stavo is deeply intertwined with duality.

Stavo unveils “Once Upon a Time…”

A few weeks ago, the announcement of his double album was followed by the release of “Bipolarity”, a track where Stavo and his alter ego echo each other. This duality is present even in the title of his album. To borrow a punchline dear to Pit Baccardi, it’s like “a dream that ends in a nightmare”. His album features collaborations with Josman and TH. Stavo, true to himself, does not conform to the industry and offers a decidedly rap project.

“Knowledge is a weapon”, but Stavo shares his “Stavoir” in a completely corrosive track. The duality that Stavo explores in his double album, this “Bipolar” aspect, may also perfectly reflect this artist. While in his track “Stavoir”, he boasts like never before in a visual where he manages a cartel, we learn in the “Clik Talk” that followed the release of “TVX” that Stavo is also at the head of a foundation that helps the most underprivileged youth in Africa. It’s the entire duality, or the “bipolarity”, of the character.

Stavo unveils “Stavoir”!

The instrumental composition of the track is signed by ZZ Prod. The beatmaker has several hits to his credit, notably “Van Damne” by SDM. The track is impactful, and Stavo takes pleasure in mastering the production with an original and rather unusual flow for him.

In the track, the rapper portrays the different stages of a major delivery with some cleverly crafted lines like:

“We’ve traveled so much road
That we don’t look at Google Maps
But we watch the toll price”

The visual, also in line with this explicit title, positions the rapper at the head of a network. He commands and he obtains. The artist entrusted his trust to M$ieur for this visual. The director has already collaborated with Bosh for the videos “Gangsta shit” and “Doser”, the latter being a double clip.

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