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Bouss celebrates “Les Heures”!

Bouss has just unveiled his debut project, “Depuis le temps”. The rapper has captured the attention of listeners with his diverse singles, including “Mirages”, “Parler tout bas”, and “Everest”. Bouss’s versatility has garnered admiration. The young artist, signed to the labels Le Grand Carré Music and Level Up, has achieved significant success. It is in this context that the artist unveils his project “Depuis le temps”, accompanied by the video for “Les Heures”.

Bouss celebrates “Les Heures”!

The instrumental composition of the track is signed by Kaem. The beatmaker was already behind the track “Everest”, released previously. He also produced the single “Guy Moquet” for Uzi. The production is lively, driven by a Latin rhythm. Bouss unveils his egotrip there by sharing his experiences.

“I am plunged into darkness, I am no longer afraid.”

The artist makes a brief reference to Toto Rina, the “godfather of godfathers” in Italy. True to his habits, the artist explores new visual horizons. After conquering the Everest with Kespey, originally from Colombes, he travels to South America, discovering enchanting landscapes. Kespey is the director behind the visuals of Bouss and Fresh La Douille on several occasions. This director has notably collaborated with the artist on “Parler tout bas” and “L’Everest”.

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