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Soprano is “C24”!

Soprano celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of “La Colombe“. Two decades after his first solo project, the artist from Marseille has paved his path with diamond records, bringing considerable hope. As a historical member of the Psy4 de la Rime, he has carved his own path with his distinctive style, that of Soprano, avoiding egotrips and Thug Rap. Ironically, his first track with the Psy4 was “Le son des bandits“. He recounted on a Laurent Ruquier show a few years ago that when his first hit was presented to his father, he responded: “Did I make all these sacrifices for you to become a ‘bandit’?“. These words will be etched in stone, as the rapper has celebrated diversity and “cosmopolitanism“. His favorite track from his discography is “Hiro“, an anthem to love and serenity. The track “C24“, a tribute to “La Colombe” and likely a reference to the cyborg from DBZ, caps off his 20 years of success (the rapper had already referenced the Saint Seiya with “Ikki” a few years back).

Soprano is “C24“!

The instrumental composition of the track is the work of the legendary beatmaker, Djaresma. “La Colombe“, which marks the beginning of the rapper’s solo career, was produced by Nyadjiko. Djaresma has accompanied Soprano throughout his career, notably producing “L’Everest“, symbolizing the peak of the rapper’s career. Today, with “C24“, he takes stock!

Reference after reference, in “C24“, the rapper reclaims his role as an authentic rapper. In this track, Soprano kicks like never before. In an interview, he declared wanting to always be considered “a rapper” and not a variety singer. He addresses this controversy in his 20-year solo career retrospective track: “Stop asking me if I’m doing rap or variety / I do Sopra’, it’s not perfect but it’s honest“.

He also pays tribute to Renaud by quoting “Mistral Gagnant“: “Still standing despite life and its winning mistral winds“. In one of his punchlines, the artist nods to IAM‘s track “Né sous la même étoile“, echoing the refrain: “You know, from the northern neighborhoods to Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde / Nobody plays with the same cards“. The Marseille artist also responds to a certain UMP politician who wanted to “clean up the neighborhoods with Kärcher“: “It’s up to us not to fall into the traps that thrill the far-right / He’s different, so what, what’s it to you? / The Kärcher, should be used on his ideas piled up with dust“. Finally, the artist from Marseille addresses all the rappers who dedicate “his Sacem” in their tracks. La Sacem of Soprano and Johnny has become a classic in French rap tracks, just like the reference to Scarface: “My SACEM is more used to solve problems than to buy a BMW, if you understand“.

The visual is splendid, the work of Romain Argento. He follows Soprano in his beloved city, Marseille, between black and white and color, depicted as a witness to society, in his city as in France, the rapper is the best expression of rap today, that of the testimony of the silent minority. Romain Argento also directed the latest clip of Levelsantana featuring Bianca Costa, and the magnificent visual of “Million d’heures” by Good Bana.

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