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Neven feat Soolking – Promesse

Neven and Soolking unveiled a stunning music video for their duet “Promesse” this past Wednesday, following the success of the single on various platforms (with over 600,000 streams). Neven, a young singer, showcases beautiful lyrics in her song, and it’s no coincidence; previously, she crafted eloquent words for artists like Kendji Girac, Louane, and Camélia Jordana.

With “Promesse,” Neven presents her debut single from an upcoming album. Alongside her is Soolking, returning to the spotlight after the success of various versions of “Casanova” (with Lola Indigo and RVFV, and one with Gazo).

“Promesse” is a lovely ballad, leaning more towards French variety than the urban pop often associated with Soolking. The lyrics from both artists are beautiful, portraying a love song that primarily focuses on the promises we owe to ourselves and each other—all of which must be honored.

The music video is exceptionally original in its editing and, most importantly, stunning with the attire of the two artists and the shooting location.

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