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RK tells the story of Moussa!

In 2022, RK made waves in the music scene with his album titled “Mentalité”. Two years after this resounding success, he announces his much-anticipated return with the album “DLPDA”, set for release on May 31. This album promises to be rich in prestigious collaborations, notably with SDM, RSKO, and Kouzl. Recognized as the youngest rap artist to earn a platinum disc, RK has evidently reached a significant milestone in his artistic journey. He returns with “Moussa Part 1”, a work that lays the foundation for a deeply immersive narrative. Originating from 77, this artist has not only matured but also refined his technique, which remains undeniably impeccable.

RK tells the story of Moussa!

The soundtrack of this track is crafted by the talented Neva, a Russian producer whose impact on French rap is undeniable. He’s notably behind tracks like “Nacré” for Mougli and “Jungle” for Hatik. The musical arrangement, supported by a subtle piano sample, sets a peaceful rhythm that perfectly harmonizes with the narrative. The moderate tempo of the track gives RK, who uses a soft and controlled voice, the necessary space to weave his story around Moussa, an ordinary urban dweller.

Moussa Part 1: The Foundations of a Captivating Narrative!

Narration has been a fundamental component of rap since the 90s. IAM pioneered this movement with groundbreaking tracks like “Elle donne son corps avant son nom”, and this tradition has been perpetuated in the United States by artists such as Ghostface Killah, who released concept albums like “12 Reasons to Die” and “36 Seasons”. Meanwhile, Lacrim has explored this narrative approach in “Persona Non Grata”, notably through the track “Réda L’Égyptien”, thus enriching his work with an epic dimension.

In this first part of his narrative, RK paints the portrait of Moussa, an ordinary young man, and sets the stage for a drama that seems to be unfolding in the shadows of his neighborhood’s streets. We must wait for future developments in this saga to unravel its complexities.

At the helm of the direction, we find Black Anouar of Black Vision, a filmmaker renowned for his work on the series “Or Noir”, broadcast on M6, and for his successful collaborations with artists like Koba LaD and Kaaris.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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