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RK releases the track “Tache de sang”!

In 2019, RK earned his first platinum record for “Insolent” at the age of just 17. Since then, his career has been a series of successes. He will make his grand return on May 31st with the album “DLPDA”, featuring several prestigious collaborations with SDM, RSKO, and Kouz1. In the meantime, the artist is building anticipation with the track “Tache de sang”, bringing us even closer to the album’s release. This track is the third single from the album.

RK releases the track “Tache de sang”!

The instrumental composition of the track is by Mitch Wave. This beatmaker from Gennevilliers has often collaborated with Larry, notably on the tracks “Hey Boy” and “Double L”. He also worked with RK on the freestyle “38”.

In this track, as in the two previous singles, the artist from the 77 region showcases his exceptional technique. He delivers an impressive performance and develops an egotrip: “Les ennemis, c’est des anciens potos / Ensemble tous, on est sur plein de photos” and “Le cœur en béton, putain c’est mes re-frés qu’on bé-tom / Dans la ve-ca se cache le pe-pom”.

The video was directed by Chérif Nocolor. The rapper is seen evolving in a hangar paved with gold and platinum records. The director recently collaborated with Guy2bezbar on the track “ADN” as well as on the collaboration between Saamou Skuu and Guy2bezbar on the track “Célèbre”.

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