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NAPS Sets the Summer Mood with “RSQ3”!

Naps stands as one of the leading figures in Marseille’s rap scene today. With his latest album “En temps réel”, the artist simply dethroned Werenoi in its first week of release. Werenoi had been reigning at the top for quite some time. In his project, Naps collaborates with heavyweight players in the rap game like Gazo, Ninho, Gambi, Maes, Koba LaD, Kalif Hardcore, and of course, Lynda. He’s just made a comeback with the energetic track “RSQ3”, a title heralding the summer season.

NAPS Sets the Summer Mood with “RSQ3”!

The completely lively instrumental composition is crafted by Shuriken. He’s behind quite a few instrumental productions for the new rap scene in France. Notably, he contributed to the track “Fleurs” with Gazo on “KMF” and the track “Rappel”, and produced the collaboration between the latter and Ninho on “Mauvais”.
The instrumental production carries the typical Marseille vibe. This style, born in Marseille under the influence of Jul and Naps, has spread across Europe. Jul expressed surprise during an interview with Mouloud Achour at having found a Swedish rapper who was inspired by this style.

In this track, Naps heralds the summer season around a sunny beach. The visual was crafted by Hansley, the Marseille-based director who helmed the last two music videos for rapper Gips, heavily influenced by Marseille rap, particularly “La Vie de Tony” and “Briiips Vol 4”.

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