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BAG Jeune B: A Totally Street Freestyle!

BAG Jeune B, the rising star from Morning Glory, is making waves once again. He has just unveiled the third installment of his freestyle series “Back To Bag”. The artist experiments with unapologetic street rap for this third episode, further showcasing the stylistic exercise that his freestyle series represents.

BAG Jeune B: DJ Belleck’s Newest Signing!

The brother of DJ Kore, DJ Belleck, much like his sibling, is a producer whose signature has influenced French rap in recent years. Apart from beatmaking, where he stands as one of France’s forefront figures, the producer has shaped the careers of several artists, including the latest being ZKR. In an interview, the Northern rapper admitted that Belleck played a significant role in his artistic development.
By signing BAG Jeune B to his label, Belleck aims to import a US vibe into France. And we’re not just talking about Atlanta’s Trap or Lil Durk’s Drill. Indeed, in these first three freestyles, the artist showcases his versatility. The American vibe he brings back is palpable, mirroring the new connections being forged between French and American rap, such as when Bu$hi invites Take Off from the Migos.

BAG Jeune B: A Totally Street Freestyle!

Of course, DJ Belleck is at the helm of the composition. He’s joined by PST, Pxblo, and Kid Dumb. Pxblo is a French beatmaker who gained fame for his work with artists like Dosseh, particularly on the track “Canal”, and also with Landy on “Bresom”, “Assa baing”, and “Association de malfaiteurs”. The production is gritty, street, allowing BAG Jeune B to pour out his American vibe.
The track is somewhat reflective of the video, disjointed but effective. It’s a freestyle through and through. No VIP sections for this visual, which aims to be street and achieves it 100%. BAG Jeune B is in the neighborhood, letting his rap do the talking. Period.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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