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MHD – Lyca

In 2021, MHD unveiled the album “Mansa” featuring some prestigious collaborations, including a partnership with Tiakola. The father of Afro Trap has been discreet since then. He has now made a powerful comeback with the single “Lyca”, showcasing the essence of MHD in both style and substance.

The distinctly Afro Trap instrumental production is signed by Josh and S2Keyz. S2Keyz has collaborated with the rapper on numerous occasions, and he is even behind the creation of “King Kong”, his latest Afro Trap freestyle. He also composed “Paradis” for Booba, a cutting-edge sound at the time, foreshadowing the rise of urban music. On the other hand, Josh produced the hit “Habitué” by Dosseh. This makes “Lyca” a summit meeting of talent.

MHD, in the style that earned him the title of the prince of Afro Trap, effortlessly carves through the instrumental production. With his unmistakable signature and a nod to Mbappé and Zidane in the refrain, the music video, directed by Thomas CADOUX, becomes a new classic by MHD.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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