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Menace Santana embodies the darkness of his project!

The darkest Drill rapper from Lyon has just unveiled his latest project, “Freestyle Covid Part. 3“. After dropping “Into the Dark” in 2022, Menace Santana reveals a 19-track project, entirely solo. To promote this new release, he presents the eponymous track, a musical medley featuring 6 extracts, including “Maracuja“, “Freestyle Coviiid“, “Uncensored“, “SHHH“, “Ik Ga Je Dood Maken“, “19 No Covid“.

Menace Santana embodies the darkness of his project!

The medley is presented as a short film. Hailing from the suburbs of Lyon, the rapper possesses a profound dark side. Thus, this short film, in the grand tradition of Drill Music, originally representing the Gang culture of Chicago, sees Menace Santana and his entourage unveil the stages of a kidnapping and execution. While the content may be shocking, it reflects the spirit of Drill Music in an even more intense version.

As the freestyle comprises 6 tracks, several beatmakers are involved. The first extract, “Maracuja“, is the work of Waj Knife and Yamaica, with the former also credited on the “Ik Ga Je Dood Maken” excerpt. A member of the #FDM collective, Waj Knife shares this affiliation with V13, also credited on one of the tracks. He has accompanied Menace Santana since the beginning, with several titles to his credit, including “Skiboy” and “Freestyle Covid 1“. Yamaica, a reputed Dutch producer according to Rap Genius, played a key role in the rise of Drill Music. The other tracks in the excerpt are credited to Lewnwv, an #FDM member whose age and place of birth remain unknown, but who also contributed to the ascent of Menace Santana.

In the video, all actors are masked, a relatively common feature for Menace Santana. On the cover of his Genius profile, Waj Knife is depicted with a furious rabbit mask (“Donnie Darko“), suggesting that this beatmaker also contributed to the aesthetics of Freestyle Covid (Part.3). The video was directed by KaluuReal and Spectogram. Menace Santana and apparently Waj Knife navigate in a universe similar to the film “The Purge“, mimicking a kidnapping and execution. The visual darkness aligns with the depth of Menace Santana‘s message, exploring the extreme essence of Drill Music.

KaluuReal collaborates frequently with Booska-P on various freestyles, as well as with Léonis and ZKR. He has already proven himself by revealing a short film that sends chills down the spine.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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