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Maes and PLK in “4Motion”!

In March 2023, following his departure from his former collective, Maes unveils his album “Omerta” featuring renowned collaborations including Koba laD, Gazo, Niska, Morad, Gims, and Kanya Samet. A few months later, he makes a notable comeback alongside PLK. The two rappers had previously shared the mic on the track “Cartelo“, while the rapper from Panenka Records released his conceptual album “Chambre 140“, presented in three parts in February 2024. They once again combine their talents on the track “4Motion“.

Maes and PLK in “4Motion“!

In an interview with Raplume in 2023, the artist states: “Family is the cornerstone; without your parents’ blessing, you won’t go far.” This new track with PLK is composed by Black Eagles Beat. The Afrobeat title is subtle.

PLK kicks off the first verse with his usual technical prowess. In both concept and lyrics, the artist remains a benchmark and demonstrates intelligence. This explains his success in France since the release of the album “Enna“: “I don’t know how to be a lover, I only know how to be a jester, I no longer know how to be the best, I’m the best in the worst.”

Maes has significantly expanded his repertoire since “Les derniers salopards”, showcasing a very distinctive style in “Pure“. With “Réelle Vie 3.0” and “Omerta“, he is now recognized for his versatility. Here, he delivers precise and relentless truths: “They got cooled down, those who acted tough, they saw real life, those who pretended.”

The video is animated, managed by Slam Création, who has previously created animated visuals for Dika and Jul on the track “Irréversible“. Despite its dark tone, the video is aesthetically crafted.

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