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Listen to Ziak’s Collaboration with Koba LaD and More on Chrome

Ziak has unveiled the reissue of “Chrome“. The artist is mysterious, and he has experienced an exceptional rise! Before the release of his first project “Akimbo“, Ziak was a complete unknown. The album “Akimbo” features only one collaboration with Maes, but it’s primarily a concentration of talent. The emphasized flow of the Drill rapper hits like a hammer on often original instrumental productions that sometimes draw inspiration from sounds, especially Oriental instruments!

Ziak kicks off the reissue of “Chrome“!

To celebrate the reissue of “Chrome“, Ziak has just unveiled the visual for his collaboration with Koba LaD. Just like his first project, the artist only features on one track. He also warned his critics in the song “Dans la règles“, stating that he owes nothing to luck: “Second album, we’ll see if it’s just luck.

The instrumental composition of the track is the work of Lowonstage. Hailing from Lille, the beatmaker has already crafted several bangers for Ziak, including “Chrome“, “Tombraider“, “Seinen“, “Pistol & Zamal“, “Cette vie“, “Pour une fois“. The instrumental production is dark but more open than usual for a rapper like Ziak, who breathes the streets and Drill. This production puts the artists in a good state to unleash their skills.

In the track, Ziak and Koba chain it together realistically. Punchlines flow, such as this “I’m not telling you everything I think / it’s better this way / you know where it’s going when we start“. This track showcases an exceptional synergy between Koba‘s style and that of Ziak.

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