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Coming Back with a Bang: Shay Commando’s Visuals

Shay has just made her comeback after a 7-month absence. Shortly after leaving 92i, the female rapper released the album “Antidote” in 2019 and then took a musical hiatus. During this time, she notably participated in the show “Nouvelle école,” the French version of “Rythm & Flow.” However, a few months ago, she released the single “Jolie Go,” which enjoyed resounding success.

Shay is back with a stunning visual!

Since her debut with 92i, especially with the album “Jolie Garce,” Shay has always placed great importance on her visuals. The visual forPMW” clearly set the tone. Like American female rappers, Shay doesn’t back down in her singles. She questions the presumed superiority of male rappers in the rap scene. With her rap style, which she developed, notably on Booba‘s track “Cruella,” Shay ranks among the best. In this track, she takes on the production, delivering punchlines more corrosive than acid.

In this visual, the singer sets aside glamour for once and dives into a Sin City-style reenactment by Rodriguez, under the inspired direction of Guillaume DOUBET, who is at the peak of his art. Shay is a female artist who operates in a league of her own.

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