Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Lester Lee Presents His EP “Le jour et La Nuit”

At just 22 years old, Lester Lee is emerging as a rising star in the music scene. His musical universe is inspired by multiple genres, from French rap to urban pop, jazz, and even British drill, reflecting the richness of his influences.

After years of hard work, Lester Lee is launching his first solo EP. Collaborating closely with his team under the Nouveau Monde label, he approaches this project with complete independence. In partnership with Dojo.Corp for photography and Alan Benoit for imagery, the clip for his upcoming session marks an important milestone before the EP’s release, combining punchy rhythms and captivating jazz touches.

In this clip, Lester Lee takes us to his hometown of Pontoise, surrounded by beautiful settings. Always hidden behind a mask, he reveals himself in the following scenes of the video “TOUT VA BIEN”. This visual transition marks the beginning of 2024 for Lester Lee, affirming his unique artistic identity.

As a talented composer, Lester Lee creates a distinctive musical universe by blending catchy jazz melodies with hip-hop rhythms. This fusion of styles promises to provide a captivating auditory experience for his fans, while solidifying his place in the contemporary music scene.

Stay tuned to discover the latest track from Lester Lee and dive into his ever-evolving musical world, where the boundaries between genres disappear to make way for boundless creativity.

Lester Lee unveils a 6-track EP titled “Le jour et La Nuit”. This artist with a fantastic universe and chameleon-like style has just presented his first musical calling card.