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Lartiste – Cleopatra 

Lartiste unveils his third single of this summer. Several constants are found in his summery work as a rapper. First and foremost, in each of his singles with music videos, he masters the art of storytelling, with a perfect illustration being “Zarzour”, his first music video released this summer. Additionally, he showcases his cultural richness by blending his influences from the Maghreb with his French background. This “return to his roots”, as he mentions in interviews, is very present in this album.

In his latest music video, “Cleopatra”, the artist delves carefully into Egyptian culture, which has always fascinated urban culture. The stage name choice of the American rapper “Afu-Ra” and certain lyrics from Booba and other more socially conscious rappers make references to the pharaoh. Not to mention the recent controversy surrounding Gims, which has caused a lot of talk.

With a powerful narrative, the artist hailing from Bondy immerses himself in ancient cultures in search of a woman he can’t seduce. A striking music video directed by two masters of urban music, Cédrick Cayla and Kassar Jawad. Since “Zarzour”, Lartiste’s work increasingly takes the form of a tale.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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