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Lartiste – Barcelona 

Lartiste is no stranger to the charts when the sun comes out. With “Chocolat,” already back in the day, the crooner from Bondy simply mesmerized the dancefloors throughout an entire summer. This year, he wasted no time and unveiled two hits before releasing “Barcelona.” With “Geto,” featuring 1da Banton, and then with the famous “Zarzour,” a modern-day fable with numerous cinematic references. The music video is already topping the charts in France and Morocco, accumulating nearly 3.7 million views.

He is a down-to-earth man who remains close to his roots. In 2016, during an interview, he revealed that “his dream was to create an album in Morocco.” And now that dream has come true! This experience has allowed him to develop a cosmopolitan side. Lartiste‘s latest project is a fusion of diverse cultural and musical influences, truly representing multiculturalism in all its glory.

It’s no surprise that he is heading towards the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. Sun, summer, good vibes – Lartiste sets fire to the land of Miró, alongside Cédrick Cayla, who has already crafted an esteemed reputation in the world of Hip Hop music videos.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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