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L’Allemand embarks on the challenge of “Grand Patron”!

L’Allemand embarks on the challenge of “Grand Patron”!On December 8th, L’Allemand will unveil his new album titled “Ma Vie”, featuring collaborations with Hornet La Frappe, Neima Ezza, Maes, and Rim’K. A promising tracklist for the Lyonnais rapper, who is also preparing the ground with the track “Grand Patron”: a style exercise carried out impeccably through a musical triptych.

L’Allemand embarks on the challenge of “Grand Patron”!

This is a trend that is currently taking the rap scene by storm. We know that DA Uzi now presents his “WeLaRue” freestyles as a diptych, with one part focusing on the streets and the other on life. Fresh recently did the same, using a metaphor around “Misère.” As for Beendo Z, he created a triptych for his track “Inspiré de faits réels.” L’Allemand also adopts the triptych concept to showcase the full extent of his repertoire. This results in three songs in one, each in a very different style.

Thus, the Lyonnais rapper has entrusted three different music producers: Stef Becker, 71 beats, and SLIMANE BESSAOUD. Stef Becker is a composer hailing from the Centre region, who has collaborated extensively with SCH and has secured placements in the “13 Organisé” compilation. The first part of “Grand Patron” relies on a rather classic composition, where L’Allemand reaffirms the fundamentals of rap. Then, we transition to a more atmospheric composition, reminiscent of what has been defined as “Jul-style” by Mouloud Achour in an interview with the artist himself on Clique. Finally, the last part of the instrumental is somewhat hybrid. Before the release of “Ma Vie”, L’Allemand clearly demonstrates his skills.

Regarding the theme, the rapper narrates his success as he unveils, on December 8th, a high-quality project with prominent figures in the rap scene. The visual was created by Resca Studio, particularly by ADAM_MING69 & DAM KOMAN. They have previously collaborated with L’Allemand on several occasions, including the tracks “Le GO” and “K-Libré”.

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