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L’Allemand and Maes pay tribute to KB9!

L’Allemand and Maes pay tribute to KB9! L’Allemand has just unveiled his album “Ma Vie” featuring Rim’K, Neima Ezza, Hornet La Frappe, and Maes. The Lyonnais artist reveals the visual for his collaboration with Maes on this occasion. If Zidane’s portrait dominates the Marseille coastline by several dozen meters, it is indeed Benzéma, alias KB9, who extends across the Lyon landscape. L’Allemand and Maes pay tribute to the monument of French football.

L’Allemand and Maes pay tribute to KB9!

It’s a very rhythmic sound that breathes sunshine. The instrumental composition of the track was signed by Slimane SB and Dyliaa Beats. Slimane has already collaborated extensively with L’Allemand, notably on the tracks “Ben’t Ness” and when he collaborated with Sasso. Dyliaa Beats was only credited on “KB9” on Genius. The track is in line with the rap that made L’Allemand popular: upbeat and powerful, even though in his album “Ma Vie,” he also illustrated the extent of his repertoire. Moreover, with his latest track “Grand Patron,” a musical triptych where he changes style every minute, he shows that he is a rapper capable of adapting to anything.

Maes and L’Allemand pay tribute to Benzéma at the base of the tower reserved for him in Lyon, in the Bron 69500 district. KB9 is one of the most mentioned footballers by rappers; he even knows some personally, such as Kylian Mbappé, who was the subject of a track (“Kyll“) featuring Médine and Booba.

The video was directed by Recsa Studio at the base of the mural tribute to the rapper. Recsa Studio had already showcased the latest track by L’Allemand, “Grand Patron.” They have also collaborated with him on the videos for “K-Libré” and “Go.” They have a significant reputation in Lyon and collaborate with artists like la F.

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