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Kemmler says to you “Merci pour rien”!

In October 2023, Kemmler unveiled his acoustic project titled “37 Folie-Méricourt”. This release revisits his main live and acoustic successes, including the track “Moi aussi”, which marked the beginning of his career. Making his comeback, the Marseille-based artist also delivers the melancholic ballad “Merci pour rien”, evoking the loss of a loved one.

Kemmler says to you “Merci pour rien”!

The instrumental composition of this piece is signed by Elyott and KNY. It’s worth noting that the former is already credited on several tracks of the soundtrack of the series “Happiness”. For this production, Kemmler chose a few looped piano notes, accompanied by a soft yet powerful rhythm.
In an atmosphere of darkness, facing the camera, Kemmler evokes a painful breakup. With touching sincerity, he describes stories where passion and love transform into hatred and pain. As emphasized by the Klub des Loosers at the beginning of the 2000s, the transition from love to hate seems insignificant. By revisiting this deeply open title, Kemmler reveals, through his characteristic melancholy, that urban music now embodies the new form of “French chanson”.

The video, with its close-ups on Kemmler‘s face, offers a disturbing intimacy. Directed by Clément Maurin, this choice could echo the film “Upside Down” released in 2012. It’s worth noting that the director has been awarded several times at the 48HFP festival for his short film titled “Day 1042”.

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