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B.B. Jacques tells a passionate love story

B.B. Jacques experienced the bitterness of defeat in the show “Nouvelle école” aired on Netflix. However, his professional journey has seen significant growth since his school days. After making a few appearances in the rap scene, notably with a remarkable collaboration with Oxmo Puccino on “Pétales”, the artist surprises with the unexpected release of the project “Horizon 25”.

The rapper enriches his three-track EP with a film directed by Romain Argento. Following in the footsteps of enduring concepts in French rap such as the two parts of “JVLIVS”, “Les étoiles vagabondes” by Nekfeu, or “Lemonade” by Beyoncé, he brings his lyrics to life through cinematic sequences narrating a passionate love story. A true contemporary musical comedy, an opera-rap, revealing an artist who has refined his messages and softened his music.

B.B Jaques gathers the “Monstar’s”!

Originally from Lebanon, the artist has settled in Courbevoie. For the production of his three-track EP, he surrounded himself with his loyal beatmakers as well as iconic figures. Alongside Le chroniqueur sale (“Booskap Fock Off” and “Rainbow” for Colors) and OB, who have already made significant contributions to B.B. Jacques‘ career, there are also Khalil Cherradi and Dawee, two beatmakers who have collaborated closely with TIF, a rapper of Algerian origin. Like Ziak, TIF incorporates many oriental instruments into his compositions.

Finally, on the last track “Béni”, the artist entrusts his confidence to BBP, a member of the collective QLF of PNL. This composer, who has already collaborated with the “Deux frères” on tracks such as “Naha” and “91’s”, broadens his horizons by increasingly working outside of QLF. He notably produced the track “N. J Respect R” by Damso, taken from the album “Ipséité”.

B.B. Jacques tells a passionate love story, both in content and in form!

Many authors have ventured into the concept album arena, such as Ghostface Killah from “Twelve reasons to die” to “36 seasons”, or SCH and Nekfeu. However, they have sometimes struggled to perfectly harmonize lyrics and visuals. Indeed, it is particularly challenging for a director to achieve total synchronization between lyrics and images. In “Horizon”, B.B. Jacques describes on the three tracks of his EP three phases of a relationship doomed to destruction:

“On avait tout pour être heureux sauf le bonheur”

Romain Argento, through a series of flashbacks, traces the thread of this EP for a balanced result, without excessive effects, but with sufficient movement to make the film natural. The director is multiplying his productions. He has recently staged “C24”, the latest track by Soprano celebrating the rapper’s 20-year solo career, and has also directed the latest video by Good Bana, which stands out for its visual quality. An undeniable rise in power for this promising director.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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