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Kanoé is back with a vengeance with “Journée”!

Kanoé is back with a vengeance with “Journée“! The rapper from Belleville has just unveiled a second consecutive track following “Fort.” With “Journée,” the artist is undoubtedly gearing up for the release of his new album.

Kanoé is back with a vengeance with “Journée“!

The concept of the track is quite simple. Kanoé narrates his day through lyrics and visuals, showcasing the same distinctive flow he’s known for. The artist was a child star, and as he’s grown up, he hasn’t lost any of the flow that made him stand out at a young age. The instrumental production for the track was handled by Ambitiou$ and Benjamin Nalepa. Ambitiou$ had previously worked on “Fort.” He’s notably composed tracks like “Jamais” by Zola and “Danse” by Brvmsoo.

It’s a case of “same team, same results” as the film, just like in “Fort,” was directed by Omar Films. The director won an award at the 2022 Berlin Music Awards for his editing. The video follows Kanoé throughout his day. Good concept, big comeback!

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