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Kanoé displays strength with “fort”!

Kanoé displays strength with “fort”! Since “Mauvaise Graine” in 2021, Kanoé hasn’t released any new projects. The young rap prodigy, who was accumulating “millions of views” at the age of 15, seems to be making a comeback with the track “Fort,” signaling a greater level of maturity and perhaps a new project.

Kanoé displays strength!

Over a classic and powerful instrumental production signed by Ambitiou$, Mike Vétéran, and Zeeko, the rapper hailing from Belleville delivers with a laid-back flow and remarkable technical prowess. His career didn’t start yesterday. The artist pierces through the instrumental production with impactful punchlines, demonstrating his lyrical prowess.

The video, directed by Sacha Volkov, unfolds in the ruins of a neighborhood, interspersed with some images of German shepherds, adding a touch of symbolism to the single.

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