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Kaaris is preparing something with Mobalpa!

Kaaris is preparing something with Mobalpa!This marks the grand return of Kaaris after his collaborative project with Kalash Criminel. “SVR” was absolutely explosive! The founder from the 93 region has released two singles in recent months, including the scorching “Freestyle Borz” and a summer track with Koba LaD. He has just unveiled a third single titled “Mobalpa” that heralds the release of his upcoming project.

Kaaris is preparing something with Mobalpa!

Kaaris has an extensive repertoire. But since the release of “Or Noir Pt.3” and especially since the arrival of Therapy on the reissue of “2.7.0“, the artist has been returning to his fundamental roots. The album “SVR” in collaboration with Kalash Criminel was the culmination of this return, with a project as dark as the “Or Noir” that flowed through Sevran in 2013. With “Mobalpa“, the artist is returning with a style that is more explosive and darker.

The instrumental composition was created by Boya Blunt, Rayane Beats, and Backwood. Rayane Beats is one of the dedicated composers for Freeze Corleone. He has notably worked on tracks like “MW2“, “Ancelotti“, “Voldemort“, and “Logo Audi“. The instrumental production is minimalist but incredibly impactful. Kaaris delivers punchline after punchline with the darkness reminiscent of his beginnings.

The video, directed by Sponge, is filled with subtle references, and its photography is distinctive. Sponge Production had previously directed the track “Une autre” by Kaaris featuring Koba LaD.

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