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Kaaris blows everything up with the “Rorschach Freestyle”!

Kaaris blows everything up with the “Rorschach Freestyle”! The new Kaaris has arrived! On December 15th, Kaaris will unveil his new project “Day One” with a plethora of features, including SCH, Hamza, Kerchak, Koba LaD. His latest single, “Mobalpa”, was preceded by another one with Koba. He has just revealed the “Rorschach Freestyle”, as explosive as it gets.

Kaaris blows everything up with the “Rorschach Freestyle”!

The composition is in line with this freestyle: utterly explosive! Kaaris entrusted the production to Therapy 2093 and Flem. The former is the co-founder of the Therapy label, best known for his work with Booba and Kaaris. It’s this great beatmaker to whom we owe the title “Kalash”, which stirred up passions and is the only collaboration between Booba and Kaaris on “L.E.F”. Flem is one of the pivotal figures in the Drill scene in France, and notably the main asset of a certain Freeze Corleone. Rapper Django also dedicates a shout-out to “S/O Le Flem”.

We find the best of Kaaris in this freestyle, with a barrage of punchlines reflecting the artist’s work, the most effective of which would be: “On rentre chez ta mère comme au Stade de France”.

Sponge Production, which staged this visual like a luxury street clip, also directed the last two clips of Kaaris with “Mobalpa” and his feature with Koba LaD. It seems to be gradually becoming Kaaris‘s favorite director.

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