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Jul introduces his project with the track “La Fusion” featuring Alonzo!

Jul made his comeback this year with the album “La Route est longue”. Releasing two albums a year, the most prominent French rapper continues to make his mark on the French rap scene.

Jul presents his brand new project, “La Route est longue”!

The artist already has two collective projects under his belt that brought together the entire French rap scene, whether it’s with the compilation  “13 Organized”, and “Le Classico Organisé”, reigniting the flame of collective projects that had somewhat disappeared from the French rap scene since the early compilations “Hostile” and “Première Classe”.

As a composer, it is said that Jul can create an instrumental production in less than 5 minutes, depending on the subject, as he revealed in an interview for Kombini. His musical style now exports throughout Europe, to the extent that he announced in a recent interview for “Clique” that Swedish rappers were following the trend he had established in France with his track “Dans ma Paranoïa”.

To promote his new project, Jul unveils the track “La Fusion” in collaboration with Alonzo, with whom he has already collaborated several times, notably on “La Séleceao” and “Normal”.

Jul introduces his project with the track “La Fusion” featuring Alonzo!

Alonzo is part of the second generation of Marseille rappers after IAM and the Fonky Family. Whether with the Psy4 de la Rime at first, then solo, he left his mark on the Marseille rap scene for over a decade. His latest album, “Quartiers Nord”, marks the end of a long series.

The instrumental composition of “La Fusion” is signed by Jul himself. The track is highly rhythmic with powerful basslines. The track’s title clearly references the fusion of DBZ manga. Alonzo and Jul rap clearly and directly. Jul, who often transitions between singing and rapping, is here more focused on rap, reminiscent of his style in the track “La Zone en Personne”.

The music video was directed by William Thomas, who works with both stars and independent artists. He notably directed the latest collaboration between Gazo and Heuss L’Enfoiré.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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