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Jul doesn’t like being bothered!

Jul always going against the grain?

To celebrate the arrival of summer, the Marseille rapper unveils the visual for “Me prends pas la tête”, dressed in a puffer jacket on snowy mountains. Jul recently released his album “Mise à jour” with features from SDM, Morad, A-Deal, Moubarak, Zbig, Houari, and Kamikaz.

Jul doesn’t like being bothered!

The instrumental composition of this track is signed by Nass Prod and Zeeko. Nass Prod has collaborated extensively with Jul, notably on the hit “13 Organisé”. Zeeko is a German beatmaker who has worked with Azet and Capo. The track is quite unique: it is both rhythmic, like most of Jul’s songs, but it is also somewhat vaporous or at least echoey. Jul sings in a very distinctive manner.

The artist expresses his emotions, for example when he sings: “You drink to forget, sometimes problems can swim / Real ones don’t put on airs, real ones won’t let you go / Miss, I want you to love me, to die of love.”

As usual, the video is not an outpouring of luxury clichés. Jul, in all simplicity, hangs out with his crew in the snow on the mountains. It’s a winter track in the summer.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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