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Aliking unveils his new single “Si j’te raconte”

Aliking unveils his new single “Si j’te raconte”

Aliking has just released his new single “Si j’te raconte”, which is already receiving numerous positive reviews, heralding the imminent arrival of music videos and a highly promising album.With a unique and creative style, Aliking is positioning himself as a rising star in French rap.

Thanks to a distinctive flow, well-crafted instrumentals, and a diverse sound palette, Aliking offers lyrics that are both simple and profound. His writing, both philosophical and abstract, stimulates the listeners’ imagination. Each track is unique, with its own timeless identity.

Aliking also stands out for his references to constellations and stars, as evidenced by tracks such as “Orion” and “Sirius” in his album “Fève”, as well as the single “Centaure”, which alludes to the Proxima B Centauri constellation. These cosmic references add a captivating dimension to his work.

His album “Fève”, released in 2019, continues to gain notoriety, with tracks that stand the test of time. He has announced the release of a new album titled “Pilote”. Fans can expect a creative explosion from this promising artist.

Aliking: the new rookie of French Rap

Aliking is distinguished by his ability to create tracks that captivate and inspire. His commitment and perseverance are reflected in each production, demonstrating constant artistic evolution. Listeners appreciate not only his musical talents but also the depth of his lyrics and the quality of his compositions.

Nicknamed “Soces”, Aliking has built a true community around him, where those who understand him are considered friends or members of his clan. This nickname reveals the special connection he has with his audience, further cementing his status as an influential artist in the French rap scene.

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