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ISK brimming with Vérité in this seventh installment of the series!

Considered one of the most influential independent rappers in France, ISK released LDLG in October 2023, a title reminiscent of an iconic 1999 track that brought together IAM and Ärsenik on Première Classe 1. He collaborates with prestigious artists such as Ashe22, Leto, Kalash Criminel, and Lyna Mahyem. The rapper is also known for his freestyle series Vérité. Since the beginning of this series, the artist from the 77 has showcased his lyrical prowess and punchlines, sometimes engaged, sometimes simply meaningful. He has just released the 7th installment of this series.

ISK brimming with Vérité in this seventh installment of the series!

In an interview with Midi Minuit in 2023, ISK expressed his anticipation for THE track, the one that makes you take a big step forward and propels you ten steps higher in one go. It is likely that the Vérité series, so important to this artist from the 77, contains this single that will take him even further.

The instrumental composition is by AniBeatz, AsRoyalBeats, Mksb, and Layms. Most of these producers have already contributed to the Vérité series. Layms and AsRoyalBeats worked on Vérité 1 and Vérité 2. AniBeatz, who also collaborated with Booba on Mona Lisa, composed Vérité 4. Mksb has frequently collaborated with PNL, notably on the tracks Le Monde ou rien and J’suis QLF.

ISK: an independent and powerful force!

In the same interview, ISK discusses his independent status: We are completely independent. To summarize, being independent means more work, more responsibilities, and more people to manage. However, it is beneficial because we have more freedom. My team and I listen to each other. He is one of the most respected independent artists.

The Vérité freestyle series is known for its impactful and incisive punchlines. For example, when ISK mentions the Urban Peace concert where Booba threw a bottle at the audience: In our cities, it’s chaos like at Urban Peace. Or when he delivers a striking truth: I would have given everything for the real ones if there were any left. The artist also addresses police violence with To make the cities of France explode, it only takes a spark and speaks about a real dilemma for many: We do haram every day, we dream of paradise.

As usual, the Vérité freestyle is a true showcase of talent. ISK, like many contemporary rappers, remains faithful to the essence of rap, respecting the writing that has shaped the identity of French rap.

The visuals are created by Kabaw Visu, who has also collaborated with Alonzo and Fresh La Douille, and directed Freestyle Italie by ISK.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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