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Gips Embraces the “Voyou” Spirit!

In February 2024, Gips, the iconic rapper from the North with a Marseille twist, launches his new album “Passager 59”. This album, rich in collaborations with renowned artists such as Voleur pnz, Osirus Jack, Zkr, and Zbig, marks a festive and friendly turning point in his career. It also introduces “Voyou”, a dynamic single that promises to captivate listeners.

Gips Embraces the “Voyou” Spirit!

Produced by Gips himself, the instrumental track perfectly embodies the artist’s bold signature. Following the example of Jul, the famous Marseille rapper, Gips engages in all aspects of his productions, infusing his tracks with contagious energy. “Voyou” stands out with its compelling rhythm and audacious lyrics, a true call to dance and rebellion.

The video for “Voyou” was shot on a majestic yacht sailing the sunlit waters of Spain, where Gips showcases his uniqueness and originality. Directed by the prestigious production company Hustler Game, known for shaping the French rap scene for over a decade, this visual is a true masterpiece that captures the essence of freedom and summer carefreeness.

This production also features collaborations with notable figures such as Hornet La Frappe, Dwen, La Plaie, and the latest project from Bahysa, further cementing the reputation of Hustler Game as a pillar of the music industry.

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