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Heykel – Anomalie

Heykel has just unveiled an explosive track with “Anomalie.” The rapper has already generated a significant buzz with his series of freestyles “H.” He’s back with a track that echoes the “Hardcore” style that Kery James created with Ideal J before becoming the socially conscious rapper we all know.

Heykel sheds light on anomalies!

Heykel‘s track is more committed than conscious, bringing it closer to “Hardcore” by Ideal J. The somewhat unsettling production is the work of Slayfobeats, credited on Rap Genius for 3 tracks. The dark music is complemented by Heykel‘s impactful lyrics.

He tackles a range of subjects, from ecology to social and international politics. In just 7 minutes, the rapper provides a glimpse of the catastrophic state in which the world finds itself today. The video, directed by TALION FILMS, is metaphorical and enhances the rapper’s message.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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