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Explosive Lyrics & Corrosive Punchlines: Saamou Skuu & Leto Team Up

In 2022, Saamou Skuu unveiled his album “Nous c’est la TH” with features from Gambino La MG, Fresh La Douille, and Ashe 22. The rapper makes his comeback with the eighth episode of his French Drill series. On this occasion, the rapper from the 19th arrondissement of Paris crossed paths with Leto, the star from Porte de Saint Ouen. The track is entirely explosive and highlights the new French rap scene.

The instrumental production of the track is signed by KDMadelt and Diaxal. The former worked on “French Drill 5” for Saamu Skuu, while the latter collaborated with Zeguerre and Ninho and composed “French Drill 6”. The duo presents a vibrant track.

The artists simply set the production on fire with lyrics that are completely corrosive and punchlines that are razor-sharp. The video was directed by Cherif Nocolor, a regular in this type of event.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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