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Hamza Continues to Shine Internationally with reezy!

From the outset of his career, Hamza has charted a uniquely singular course. His initial project, “1994”, bathed the Francophone world in a “cloud” ambiance, marking a distinctive debut. Subsequently, he ventured into the Drill genre with “140 BPM 2”, showcasing his versatility. In an artistic detour, he revisited the soundtrack of “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind” alongside Christine and the Queens and Oxmo Puccino, blending cinema and music.

Hamza: A Global Rap Phenomenon?

In 2023, the artist unveiled “Évidemment”, a project dotted with international collaborations featuring Nigerian star CKay, and Atlanta Trap legend, Offset. In a recent interview with Les Échos de Belgique, he reflected on these partnerships: “My encounter with CKay (the Nigerian star, for ‘Cocoro’) happened serendipitously. We found ourselves in the same studio, struck up a conversation, and the rest was history..” and “As for Offset (of the former Atlanta trio Migos, for ‘Sadio’), he was in Paris for Fashion Week. One of his assistants, whom we knew, reached out to connect us, and Offset was keen because he knew of me. He had seen a video clip where one of my tracks (‘Jodeci mob’, from the album 1994) was played to him, and he really liked it…”

He has just recorded a feature with German rap star reezy.

Hamza Continues to Shine Internationally with reezy!

The instrumental production of the track, resonating closely with the US vibe, is a collaboration between three genius beatmakers and reezy himself: Ambezza, Tom Levesque, and Beau Nox. Ambezza, a multi-platinum beatmaker, has produced hits for Future and Drake like “Girls Want Girls”. Thomas Levesque has worked with Kanye West on the track “We Did It Kid”. Beau Nox has contributed several pieces to Drake’s album “Honestly, Nevermind”. This instrumental production aligns perfectly with current trends.

reezy and Hamza electrify this production with immense style. The atmosphere they create suggests that European rap need not envy its American counterpart. The exceptional video was directed by Spyders, a regular collaborator with reezy, especially noted for the visual of “In & Out”. He has also recently directed a collaboration between Gucci and Adidas.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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