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Guy2Bezbar anticipates a rainy summer with “Tout l’été!”

Guy2Bezbar anticipates a rainy summer with “Tout l’été!” Guy2Bezbar has just released a joint project with Leto, released in 2022. After “Jusqu’aux étoiles,” the Parisian artist is launching a series of freestyles titled “Opération Dragon”! It’s a very “rap” style exercise. On November 17th, the artist will unveil his album “Ambition.” Before this turning point in his career, the rapper presents a new single titled “Tout l’été.”

Guy2Bezbar anticipates a rainy summer with “Tout l’été!”

The rapper has an extensive repertoire. While he’s a prominent figure in the Drill style, he expresses with a much more melancholic tone in “Tout l’été.” This track brings some life experiences and a touch of sincerity, as the artist, who had previously made a name for himself in a unique style by contributing to DJ Kore’s compilation, reveals his most intimate title.

The instrumental composition was created by Marti and Karmen. Marti had the opportunity to collaborate with Lil $horty, while Karmen has worked with Mister V on multiple occasions and even produced “Commando” by Shay. The instrumental production has a soft touch.

The rapper opens up, departing from his usual egotrips, in a video directed by ZAVEN.

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