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Lujipeka feat Guy2Bezbar – BBRY

The story of Lujipeka begins in Rennes. With his group of friends, in their cinema club, we witness a true artistic effervescence that would lead to the album “Adieu bientôt” with his group Columbine. The group’s name is a reference to Gus Van Sant’s film “Elephant”. Since then, the artist has embarked on a solo career and unveiled the reissue of his project this year with “Montagnes Russes: Menu XL”.

The track “BBRY” is taken from this reissue. The artist even allows himself to invite Guy2bezbar, who showcases the extent of his artistic repertoire, often associated with a more “street” style of rap. Because “BBRY” is a true summer track. No, the instrumental production by Ken&Ryu, Narcos, and Karmen is not dedicated to reggaeton or baile funk, like many attempts in recent months to create “the summer hit”. Instead, the beatmakers signed with SPKTAQLR, Narcos, and Karmen deliver a completely “chill” instrumental that flows effortlessly.

We are familiar with Lujipeka’s sense of irony, which he has cherished since his early days with Columbine, and it is echoed by Guy2bezbar in a lighthearted atmosphere. The music video alternates between footage shot in the style of the ’90s and more classic scenes of a boat tour under the sunny Southern skies.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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