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Guy2bezbar – AMBITION II (12.04.2024)

A few months after the release of the first installment of Ambition, the rapper from the North of Paris announces the second installment through a short film bearing his name. In the vein of Dosseh, Kofs, and ZKR, the rapper, an emblematic figure of the Drill, promotes his album with visuals crafted by Dat Way. This short film marks the dawn of a new era and new challenges: yes, times have changed!

We find Guy2bezbar in his luxurious daily life. Connoisseurs of the artist know that it was in the streets where he built his reputation through legendary freestyles that mobilized an entire neighborhood, even an entire community. Since then, the rapper has opened himself to new perspectives. In his opulent mansion, Guy2bezbar struts like a pasha. The audio reel plays some excerpts from his interview. Guy embodies a leader, what sets him apart from others is his work and discipline. In times of crisis, nothing changes, as long as he’s alive, it’s war.

Later, he meets up with Fresh at an exhibition dedicated to him, moving among the walls where his portraits and history are showcased. During the release of “Négritude,” Youssoupha had organized an exhibition with Fifou, presenting extraordinary covers and his album playing in the background: a special release party. As he slowly approaches the cover of “Ambition II,” erected as a passage between two worlds, the rapper pauses before this new project, which poses a new challenge.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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