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Guy2Bezbar Reveals His “ADN”!

Guy2Bezbar Reveals His “ADN”!It’s been a few weeks since the album “Ambition” by Guy2bezbar has been online, featuring some interesting collaborations, including SDM, Jey Brownie, Josman, and Koba LaD. Before this solo project, Guy2bezbar had worked on a joint project with Leto titled “Jusqu’aux étoiles”. Now he returns with an album where he showcases the breadth of his repertoire. The visuals for the track “ADN” have just been unveiled.

Guy2Bezbar Reveals His “ADN”!

Hailing from the North of Paris, the artist possesses the “ADN” of a rapper, a very street-style. In his early days, he was one of the pioneers of Drill music in France. Over time, he adapted to different sounds, as evident in his latest collaboration with SDM (“Dis moi”), where he takes on a more laid-back style, or in his collaboration with DJ Kore, which inaugurates the project “Friends & Family”.

The instrumental production was handled by a quartet of beatmakers, including Guy2bezbar himself: $ami, Chapo, Finvy, Guy2Bezbar, Heizenberg, and WAV. Chapo is a member of Narcos and has collaborated with international artists like Lil Durk, Young Thug, and Chief Keef. Heizenberg, on the other hand, has worked with artists such as Booba, Damso, and Koba LaD. The production harks back to the early days of the Northern Paris rapper; it’s simply explosive, corrosive, and street.

Guy2bezbar is rarely as fierce as he is here. Punchlines are delivered in a charged atmosphere, directed by a certain Cherif No Colors, who is a major player in the game, particularly in Northern Paris, and the designated director for Leto.

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