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Gims and Dystinct unveil the captivating “Spider”!

In 2022, Gims unveiled “Les Dernières Volontés de Mozart”, featuring international collaborations with Baby Gang, Maluma, and Morad. The French singer, who rejects the term “urban music”, has nonetheless become the undisputed leader of global urban pop. He returns today with Dystinct, a Belgian singer of Moroccan descent, on the explosive track “Spider”.

Gims: An artist who transcends borders and genres!

The Daymolition freestyles with Sexion d’Assaut already seem like relics of a bygone era. Throughout his career, whether in a group or solo, Gims has balanced the rap of his beginnings, pop, and French chanson. When he unveiled the red and blue pills of “MCAR”, referencing “The Matrix” (fantasy or reality), he was already collaborating with international singer Sia. A few years later, it was Sting‘s turn to share the stage with the French singer.

Today, as in his latest album, Gims multiplies international collaborations, such as on this track with Dystinct, who began his career in the Netherlands in 2019 by signing with Avalon Music. He announced a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York after a European tour, including a stop in Stockholm.

Gims and Dystinct unveil the captivating “Spider”!

The instrumental production is the work of the trio of beatmakers Maximum Beats, Young Booba, and Narco Verra. Maximum Beats, a loyal collaborator since the Sexion d’Assaut days with the track “Cheval de Troie”, continues to work with Gims up to his latest album “Thémistocle”. Young Booba has collaborated with Imen ES, Kaaris, and Maes. For Gims, he composed the track “Only You”. The production, very rhythmic, is driven by a rolling bass line inspired by Baile Funk.

Gims handles the verses, while Dystinct takes care of the chorus with a voice timbre that pays homage to the pioneers of Raï. In the track, Gims evokes “his artist’s life” from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam. It’s an international star’s ego trip, reminiscent of The Weeknd‘s biggest hit:

“Sold-out concert in Düsseldorf
Pumped up like Usain Bolt
I’m on the boat, I traverse the era”

The clip, made with special effects, is a slightly enhanced lyric video.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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