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From 93 to OG: Microbe’s Music Journey

Microbe is originally from the 93 area code. Despite his young age, he has been releasing several singles recently, including “Sac Chanel,” “Tatiana,” and “Empire.” He’s back with the track “OG,” which narrates his journey in the music industry from his early days on Planète Rap up to today – the ascent of an OG (Original Gangster).

The instrumental production of the track is the work of Nehzia. The beatmaker has previously composed tracks like “Oublie Moi” for Emkay and “Dody Al Fayet” for Alonzo. Here, the production features a brief piano solo and a melancholic melody over which Microbe lays down his verses with a touch of autotune. The music video follows the rapper from his time on Planète Rap to his signing with Capitol at Universal.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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