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A Journey Through Stylish Aesthetics With LEVELSANTANA’s Tranquille

This marks the third appearance of LEVELSANTANA after his collaboration with the immense Gazo on “Drill 6” and his feature with Kima. The artist is back solo this time with a track titled “Tranquille,” which shifts between intense and soothing moments. On this track, the artist entrusted his confidence to two young producers: Deew and RBH.

The song is divided into two distinct parts. In the verses, characterized by an almost frenetic rhythm, the artist delivers sharp punchlines. In contrast, during the chorus, there’s a gentle melody with a touch of autotune. The artist clearly showcases his unique style.

The video, with its meticulously styled aesthetics, was directed by Divercity. The black and white ambiance adds to the stylistic effect. Similar to other artists like SCH, LEVELSANTANA has just unveiled a visual that seamlessly integrates with all its components: voice, production, video, and style.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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