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For Soprano, it’s “Easy to Dance”!

A new project by Soprano is set to arrive on June 21st. Record stores are already stocking up, ready to send out a new diamond-selling album. From his debut with “Puisqu’il faut vivre” in 2007 to his breakthrough with “Cosmopolitanie”, and climbing from “L’Everest” to the stars, the rapper from Psy 4 de la Rime has always known how to engage his audience.

Soprano reveals a new album titled “Freedom”!

Politically engaged as in “la Colombe” (celebrating 20 years with C24 ) or in “Hiro”, the artist plays with stereotypes and caricatures to deliver a positive message. While the world, and sometimes even rap itself, sink into division and hatred, it’s Soprano who remains standing in this “Cosmopolitanie” plagued by resentments.
Soprano has truly become a “Millionnaire”. Debates around his Sacem membership fuel every rap track, whether consciously or not, as he continues to rack up diamond records for over a decade. Perhaps positivity and tolerance, when “heard,” represent the best remedy against racism. On June 21, the day of music celebration and the start of summer, Soprano will unveil “Freedom”.

For Soprano, it’s “Easy to Dance”!

Despite the certifications and awards adorning his salon, the Marseille artist has always aspired to be regarded as “a rapper”. If his father reproaches him, since his first hit with Psy 4 de la Rime (“Le Son des bandits”), for playing the “Bandits”: “I did all that so you’d say you’re a bandit,” he still pays homage today:

“Yes, dad, I’m making songs, yes, mom, I’ll be careful

They say your son has the talent to make summer dance”

For this new excerpt from “Freedom”, Soprano offers a 100% Afro track set in Abidjan with an electrifying ambiance. The instrumental production of the track was handled by 2B (beatmaker) and Akatché. The former, for instance, collaborated with Doc Gyneco on “France”, while the latter has already thrilled crowds with “Problèmes” by Scridge. The track is both catchy and profound.

In his lyrics, the Marseille artist pays homage to Afro culture as a whole: “There are dads dancing the rumba, there are moms dancing the zumba / They say I dance like a tou-bab, but which foot to dance on?” or “As soon as it dances like Roger Milla, your neighbor is charmed“.

The visual, directed by Director X (an aesthete), blends the elements that have made Soprano one of the leading figures in “French music”: choreography, dance, good humor. All the ingredients come together in this video shot in Abidjan. Director X is a big name in rap, having collaborated with Drake on the visuals for “In My Feelings” and with Rihanna on “Work”. Soprano has already reached another dimension; he no longer chases stars, he dances with them.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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