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Andjoo unveils his second single, “Fais les danser”!

Andjoo, hailing from 59, made a thunderous entry into the music scene. Endowed with multiple talents, he is as comfortable in his Trap US influences as he is in much more melodic tracks. With the track “2024”, Andjoo lays the groundwork for his style. His comeback is accompanied by a rhythmic and powerful track titled “Fais les danser”.

Andjoo unveils his second single, “Fais les danser”!

The track kicks off with an original and catchy composition. With a measured and intelligent ego trip, the artist asserts himself in the Rap game scene. While slightly tinged with pop, the track avoids the usual clichés of this hybrid style known as Pop Music. In exceptional control, Andjoo masters his subject. The rhythm flows almost naturally, mirroring the artist himself.
“Quand j’étais en bas / quand j’ai eu besoin de toi  / Mon frérot, dis-moi, t’étais où”
The video, crafted with finesse by Real MRV, offers a striking contrast. Moving through an industrial zone, with a trumpeter in the background, Andjoo brings elegance to the urban environment. Real MRV is a renowned director, having collaborated with Hatik on the visuals for “Jungle” and Beendo Z on the track “La Fontaine”.

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