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Feel The Duality Of Music With WaïV’s L’Album Arrive

WaïV has just revealed his upcoming music album titled “L’Album arrive.” During this year, the artist has already introduced the project “Vous comprendrez plus tard.” Embracing a formula reminiscent of Magritte, the rapper displays from the very first seconds of his visual: “This is not a music video, but a trailer.”

WaïV announces a project for the end of the year!

The latest signing of Rec 118 arrives like a bomb. The visual and the title are divided into two parts, a concept that has recently been used by DA Uzi and even Beendo Z (who chose to create a triptych). Back in 2015, Dr. Dre used the same concept for the track “Darkside / Gone” from “Compton.”

The instrumental composition is therefore divided into two parts, both produced by Neva. The first is darker, while the second is more cheerful. With the two aspects of this video, the artist showcases all facets of his personality.

The video, directed by Raphaël Boulka, takes us on a tour of the places that WaïV frequently visits in his hometown of Bobigny.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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