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Beendo Z: Unveiling ‘Garde à vue’ – A Revelation in Music”

Beendo Z: Unveiling ‘Garde à vue’ – A Revelation in Music”! It’s one of the revelations of this early year. A few weeks ago, Beendo Z unveiled the 6th episode of his freestyle series titled “Inspired by Real Events.” In this exceptional triptych, the artist showcased the depth of his repertoire without abruptly changing the subject. Later, in his creative frenzy, he released the single “Different,” which also demonstrated that the artist from the Val d’Oise possesses a true artistic identity.

However, Beendo Z hinted on social media that his new project titled “De la Fontaine” will be unveiled on October 13th. Logically, he is preparing the ground with his latest track titled “Garde à vue.”

The instrumental composition of this track is the work of Dotinc, an English beatmaker who has previously collaborated with artists such as Mercston and Knucks. The instrumental production is decidedly minimalist but also highly original.

Beendo Z, comfortable in all styles, delivers his flow smoothly and effortlessly. As Seth Gueko predicted in the track “Titi parisien,”: “Rapping fast doesn’t necessarily mean rapping well.” Technical and precise, Beendo Z delivers a flawless performance in anticipation of the upcoming release of his album “De La Fontaine.”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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