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Leto cross the line with Mozart Capitaine Jackson !

Leto cross the line with Mozart Capitaine Jackson !  Every year since 2021, Leto releases a new episode of the freestyle series “Mozart Capitaine Jackson.” Since its inception, this freestyle has been synonymous with a return to roots and a return to the streets. This third installment of the freestyle series is simply explosive and energetic.

Behind this fiery instrumental production, we find Raed and Scvrla. These two beatmakers have worked with the cream of the golden generation of French rap, including Negrito and MIG. They have previously collaborated with Leto on the track “Près de la Lune.” And this production is absolutely fiery.

Apparently, Leto has assembled the dream team because with William Thomas in charge, he launches into a sequence of corrosive punchlines at their maximum, surrounded by about thirty friends who set the atmosphere. It’s a massive banger.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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