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Dosseh more engaged than ever in “Fenikkusu”!

Dosseh more engaged than ever in Fenikkusu!Last year, Dosseh unveiled his album Too Early to Die. He has just revealed the final track of the album, titled Fenikkusu. The artist also announces his next album in a torrent of political statements. No, it’s not conscious rap; it’s pure and simple rebellion.

Dosseh more engaged than ever in Fenikkusu!

This explosive title was masterfully crafted by Focuz Beatz Lyrics. The beatmaker went through Ziak, for whom he composed many songs, including Shonen, Akimbo, and Coffre. He also contributed to the production of Dinos‘s latest album, Winter in Paris, notably on the track CRT + V. In the style that made him known, the beatmaker offers us a completely electric track.

Dosseh, with an enraged flow, he who has a diversified repertoire with slower tracks like Solo or L’odeur du Charbon, shows himself here in an uncompromising light. It’s a powerful track where he takes on the prevailing racism and the certainties of others. “Fuck political correctness,” declares Dosseh boldly.

The video, directed by Hustler Game Premium, may draw inspiration from the initial version of Hardcore by Ideal, as it incorporates images from recent news events and footage of the rapper. As for Hustler Game, they have dominated the rap and independent rap scene for over a decade.

The artist also announces his upcoming album “Ikki,” named after the Phoenix zodiac knight. The title “Fenikkusu” translates to “Phoenix” in Japanese. It’s said that this animal “rises from its ashes.” When recalling the short film that heralded Dosseh‘s return, it becomes clear why.

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