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An Epic Mission from Cookiesan and SHG: Lisa

It all begins with a challenge. “I hope you’re proud of me because I certainly am. I struggled like crazy, but we can say that it’s Mission accomplished,” Cookiesan announced to his followers in a story. His fans had the chance to follow this incredible adventure in Asia. Indeed, this rapper, a passionate enthusiast of Japan and its manga culture, set himself the mission to record and shoot the music video for a new track that will see the light of day under the name “LISA.” The icing on the cake? It will feature SHG, a Japanese rapper he met on-site, hailing from Tokyo.

The journey kicks off in Seoul, where in the “LISA” music video, we see Cookiesan strolling through the streets, under the gaze of Korean onlookers, sometimes surprised, sometimes amused to see this French rapper enjoying life in their capital. The video also features footage of recording part of the track at the renowned Black Keys Studio, located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

Then, the scenery changes to take us to a completely different setting – that of Japan. A second verse with Japanese influences is recorded right in Tokyo, in a setting well-known to anime fans, the famous Akihabara district. “I’m in a dream, in a fantasy, I’m in a f***ing Isekai,” proudly exclaims Cookiesan in this second verse, perfectly expressing the emotions of a French rapper who realized one of his dreams by visiting the land of his fantasies through his music.

“LISA” is thus announced as the first preview of Cookiesan’s upcoming project. It’s an affair to closely follow because this musical journey in Asia promises to unveil new facets of the artist and immerse us in the captivating world of Cookiesan. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting musical adventure.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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