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Dinos and Dosseh take us “A La Faveur De l’Automne!”

Dinos and Dosseh take us “A La Faveur De l’Automne!” On Friday, December 22nd, SPKTAQLR gave a delightful Christmas gift by bringing together Dinos and Dosseh for a collaborative project. The label united the forces of two of the rap game’s greatest lyricists. This Friday, Dinos and Dosseh released “Césium,” a high-quality and powerful album, perfectly crafted and produced by two giants of the profession, Amine Farsi and Tarik Azzouz. To celebrate the project’s release, the rappers unveil the music video for “A La Faveur De l’Automne.”

Dinos and Dosseh take us “A La Faveur De l’Automne!”

The outro of the collaborative album between the two SPKTAQLR rappers resonates as a tribute to everything that French rap has been over the past two decades, with the beauty of the lyrics, the boldness of the content, and poetry emerging from the streets. Who better than Akhénaton, the founder, to represent this perfection? The track “A la faveur de l’automne” borrows the instrumental composition from an iconic song by the Marseille rapper, “Mon texte le savon.” Akhénaton also makes an appearance in this video, visually reminiscent of “Mon texte le savon.” Dosseh starts his verse by saying “Je vends mes rimes comme un savon,” another tribute to the founder of French rap.

Amine Farsi and Tarik Azzouz have brought the instrumental up to date. Amine Farsi released his project “Farsi” in 2022 and played a major role in the emergence of the Drill wave, contributing to the rise of artists like Freeze Corleone. Today, he oversees numerous projects, including those of 3arbi, Roshi, and So La Lune. Tarik Azzouz has an international career with prestigious collaborations with Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, Eminem, Nas, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Lil Baby, and a Grammy Award win.

The black and white music video offers a lyrical extravaganza. It’s possible that the track “A la faveur de l’automne” is one of the best-written compositions of 2023. Dinos and Dosseh, through their display of melancholy, intelligence, and sadness, may represent two sides of the same coin. While Dinos is far from being a conscious rapper, his discourse exudes disappointment and melancholy, while Dosseh‘s reflects the rage of a rapper for whom the world holds no more secrets.

The video, directed by OWEN KASPARIAN, follows the visual cues of “Mon texte le savon,” with its black and white aesthetic and a series of faces. Several celebrities can be recognized, including Prince Waly, Fary, Soso Maness, Akhenaton, Alice Belaidi, Momsii, Oldpee, and Jacky Brown. A beautiful reunion. OWEN KASPARIAN is a highly creative director, known notably for directing the “Feux” trilogy and, more recently, the music video for “Antisocial.”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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