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Delador reemerges with “Bobo”!

Delador embarks on his profound renaissance. Before “diving between two waters”, the singer launched his rap career with Urban Pias. Known for his unique vocal timbre and catchy gimmicks, he now introduces his latest album, “N.E.D.E” (Swimming Between Two Waters). This album promises a complex experience, a sensory journey through his “African Deep”, adding a fresh hue to Afro music. The track “Bobo” is a highlight from this vibrant project, and its visuals have just been released.

Delador reemerges with “Bobo”!

The instrumental composition of the track is crafted by three talented beatmakers: Smash Coffee, Léo Guyard, and Lazar. Notably, Léo Guyard has previously made waves with the track “La Bouchère de Hanovre” at “Bad Tripes”. This instrumental encapsulates the innovative style Delador is pioneering.

With exquisite subtlety, Delador weaves complex male-female relationships into his music, blending Afrobeat rhythms with European influences without resorting to clichéd or heavy-handed sounds.

Delador: Master of the Stage!

This artist, born on the stage, has undergone a complete transformation. While some artists come to music through writing, others like Delador thrive in live performance. In 2008, at the Bobino theatre, he captivated audiences with his extraordinary presence, fueled by their adoration.

The visuals for the track were directed by KMF, who employs a narrative focus on complex, modern male-female relationships. These themes are central to the rapper’s project “N.E.D.E”. KMF is a celebrated director known for his 2023 music video “Distant” by Doums.

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