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Dayola Aka: The New Multifaceted Voice in the Music Scene

Dayola Aka, an artist of many talents also known by the pseudonym Gun daso, has just enriched the music scene with the release of his brand-new single titled “Yema.” Born Arsène Sossah on November 17th in Halle Saale, Germany, this versatile talent embodies a cultural fusion, blending his Belgian, Togolese, and Beninese roots. Through his works, Dayola Aka reveals himself as a true artistic chameleon, skillfully blending rap, French urban pop, and Afrobeat.

“Yema” is a song inspired by real-life events. In this track, Dayola Aka explores the duality of a couple on the brink of separation, offering a captivating emotional dive. He invites listeners to an immersive musical experience, prompting them to ponder the direction they choose to take, both in life and in love.

However, music is just one facet of Dayola Aka’s artistic expression. Passionate about fashion, photography, and sports, he finds solace in basketball and golf to balance his burgeoning artistic life. These varied interests reflect his commitment to maintaining harmony between his creativity and well-being.

The influence of music in Dayola’s life dates back to his childhood, immersed in a family where melodies resonated daily. His journey took on a new dimension with his growing interest in photography and content creation, inspired by Asap Rocky. This dual passion allows him to enrich his artistic expression with a significant visual component.

Beyond art, Dayola Aka distinguishes himself through his humanitarian efforts. Driven by unwavering generosity and deep empathy, he plans to use his fame to support youth and disadvantaged individuals, especially in his home countries. For Dayola, music is more than just a career; it’s a means to inspire and make a positive difference.

With “Yema,” Dayola Aka invites us to delve into his vibrant artistic world while introducing us to the sincere and committed individual behind the music. His journey, talent, and ambitions make him a significant and inspiring figure in today’s music landscape.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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